BTR Full Form, What is the Full Form of BTR Bodoland Assam?

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BTR Full Form: The BTR full form is Bodoland Territorial Region.

BTR Full Form

The full form of BTR is Bodoland Territorial Region. There may be one or more than one meaning regarding the full form of BTR, but when it comes to the BTR Assam, then there is only one full form of BTR and that is the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR).

What is BTR?

BTR stands for Bodoland Territorial Region, BTR is the area name of the four districts of Assam namely,

  1. Kokrajhar district
  2. Chirang district
  3. Baksa district
  4. Udalguri district

Earlier, these 4 districts were named as BTAD. BTAD full form is Bodoland Territorial Area District. Now this BTAD has been renamed as BTR. The renaming of BTR was done when the Government of India (GOI) and Government of Assam (GOA) and the Bodo community leaders represented by the All Bodo Student Union (ABSU), all the four factions of National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB), and United Bodo People’s Organization (UBPO) signed the 3rd Bodo Peace Accord at New Delhi on 27 January 2020.

BTR is an autonomous region comprising of 4 districts (soon going to be 5 districts, when Tamulpur, the 5th districts of BTR is redeclared again) with 40 constituencies in BTR districts. 40 MCLA are elected from these 40 constituencies and 6 nominated by the Assam government that forms the BTR government. The BTR government has the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) located in the town of the Kokrajhar district, the headquarter of BTR region.

What is BTC in Assam?

BTC full form Bodoland Territorial Council was created as a result of the historic 2nd Bodo Peace Accord singed on 10 Feb 2003 that formed the BTAD (Bodoland Territorial Area District).

The BTC is an autonomous council for the BTR established under the 6th Scheduled of the Indian constitution of India according to Memorandum of Settlement between the Government of India (GOI), Government of Assam (GOA) and the Bodo Liberation Tiger Force (BLT).


1. What is the Full Form of BTR in Bodoland?

The full form of BTR in Bodoland is Bodoland Territorial Region. The BTR was coined and was renamed of the earlier BTAD (Bodoland Territorial Area District) on 27 Jan 2020 during the 3rd Bodo Peace Accord Signing.

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