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BTC EM List 2023: There are 17 BTC EM, 16 are elected MCLAs and 1 nominated MCLA. CEM Pramod Boro Dy.CEM Gobinda Chandra Basumatary is leading the BTC government.

BTC EM List Details

Here BTC full form Bodoland Territorial Council is the council body of the BTR (Bodoland Territorial Region). The BTR area consists of four districts of Assam. They are

  1. Kokrajhar district
  2. Chirang district
  3. Baksa district
  4. Udalguri district

These four districts of the BTR Assam has 40 BTC constituencies. 40 MCLA are elected from these 40 constituencies of BTR, political party with majority of MCLA count forms the BTR government. Later 6 MCLA are nominated by the Government of Assam taking the BTC MCLA total to 46.

Check the MCLA list of BTC 2023

From the MCLA who are part of the BTR government, there comes the selection of the Executive Members of BTR. These Executive Member (EM) has more power than the MCLA, because EM of BTR are allotted the single or multiple departments of the BTR government. The EM has the supreme authority for the department allotted to him.

How many EM are there in the BTR government?

There comes a question about how many EM are there in the BTR government that many people look answer for. In the BTR government that was formed in 2020, there are a total of 17 EM of BTC. Two of them Chief Executive Member (CEM) and Dy. CEM and rest of the 15 are the Executive Members (EM).

List of BTC EM from BTR

The New Executive Members of BTC that were selected during the new BTC government formed in 2020 are shared below:

EM NameDesignationDepartment AllottedPartyConstituency
Pramod BoroChief Executive Member
1. PWD
2. Finance
3. Education
4. Renewable Energy

Note: Any other department not allotted to any other EM
UPPLNo. 28 Goibari (ST constituency)
Gobinda Chandra BasumataryDy. Chief Executive Member
(Dy. CEM)
1. P&RD
2. Soil Conservation
3. Tribal Research Institute
4. Relief and Rehabilitation
5. Excise Department
UPPLNo. 38 Bhairabkunda (ST constituency)
Ukil BasumataryExecutive Member (EM)1. Water Resources
2. Food and Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs
3. Co-operation, Welfare of SCs
UPPLNo. 6 Kachugaon
(ST constituency)
Reo Reoa NarziharyExecutive Member (EM)1. Industry
2. Legal Metrology
3. Skill Development & Entrepreneurship
BJPNo. 5 Jamduar (ST constituency)
Arun Kumar DeyExecutive Member (EM)1. Health & Family Welfare
2. Registration of Birth & Death
3. Welfare of OBCs
BJPNo. 7 Fakiragram (Non-ST constituency)
Wilson HasdaExecutive Member (EM)1. Urban Development
2. SEED & IT
UPPLNominated MCLA
Ranjit BasumataryExecutive Member (EM)1. Environment
2. Forest and Climate Change
3. Land & Revenue
4. Minority Affairs
UPPLNo. 14 Chirang Duar (ST constituency)
Dhananjay BasumataryExecutive Member (EM)1. Handloom & Textile
2. Food Processing
UPPLNo. 18 Manas Serfang (ST constituency)
Gautam DasExecutive Member (EM)1. Social Welfare
2. Mental Health and Happiness
3. BTCLA Affairs
No. 20 Mathunguri (Non ST constituency)
Rakesh BrahmaExecutive Member (EM)1. Fishery
2. Animal Husbandry & Veterinary
3. Dairy Development
UPPLNo. 24 Mushalpur (ST constituency)
Dharma Narayan DasExecutive Member (EM)1. Tourism
2. Social Justice & Empowerment
3. Border Area Development
No. 27 Nagrijuli (Non ST constituency)
Ranendra NarzaryExecutive Member (EM)1. Transport
2. Lotteries
3. Road Safety
4. Traditonal Skill Development
No. 29 Suklai Serfang (ST constituency)
Ghanshyam DasExecutive Member (EM)1. Agriculture & Farmers Welfare
2. Horticulture
GSPNo. 23 Dihiri (Open constituency)
Nilut SwargiaryExecutive Member (EM)1. PHE
2. Library Services
3. Information & Public Relation
4. Indigenous Faith
UPPLNo. 40 Rowta (ST constituency)
Diganta BaruahExecutive Member (EM)1. Irrigation
2. Museum & Archaneology 3. Ayush
No. 34 Mwdwibari (Non-ST)
Daobaisa BoroExecutive Member (EM)1. Sericulture
2. Sports & Youth Welfare
3. Cultural Affairs
4. Promotion of Indigenous Sports
No. 32 Bhergaon (ST consitutency)
Sanjib TantiExecutive Member (EM)1. Welfare of Tea Tribes
2. Labour & Employment
3. Economic & Statistics
4. Science & Technology
No. 33 Nonwi Serfang (Open constituency)

EM of BTR from Kokrajhar District

The Kokrajhar district has 12 constituencies representing 12 MCLAs to the BTC government. Out of these seven MCLAs, there are four BTR EM.

  1. EM Ukil Mushahary from No. 5 Kachugaon Constituency (ST)
  2. EM Reo Reoa Narzihary from Jamduar Constituency
  3. EM Arup Kumar Dey from Fakiragram Constituency
  4. EM Wilson Hasda, nominated EM candidate

EM of BTR from Chirang District

The Chirang district has 7 constituencies representing 7 MCLAs to the BTC government. Out of these seven MCLAs, there are two BTR EM.

  1. EM Ranjit Basumatary from Chirang Duars constituency
  2. EM Dhananjay Basumatary from Manas Serfang constituency

EM of BTR from Baksa District

The Baksa district has 11 constituencies representing 11 MCLAs to the BTC government. Out of these eleven MCLAs, there are four BTR EM.

  1. CEM Pramod Boro from Goibari constituency
  2. EM Gautam Das from Mathanguri constituency
  3. EM Rakesh Brahma from Mushalpur constitutency
  4. EM Dharma Narayan Das from Nagrijuli Constituency
  5. EM Ranendra Narzary from Suklai Serfang constituency
  6. EM Ghanshyam Das from Dihira constituency

EM of BTR from Udalguri District

The Udalguri district has 10 constituencies representing 10 MCLAs to the BTC government. Out of these ten MCLAs, there are four BTR EM.

  1. Dy. CEM Gobinda Chandra Basumatary from Bhairabkhunda constituency
  2. EM Nilut Swargiary from Rowta constituency
  3. EM Diganta Baruah from Mwdwibari constituency
  4. EM Daobaisa Boro from Bhergaon constituency
  5. EM Sanjib Tanti from Nonwi Serfang constituency

FAQ about BTC EM List

1. How many Executive Members are there in BTR?

There are 17 Executive Members in BTR government. 1st is CEM, 2nd is Dy. CEM, and the rest 15 are the executive members of BTR.

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