Ranji Trophy 2024 Schedule, Fixtures, Teams, Venues, Dates, Live Streaming, All You Need to Know

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Ranji Trophy 2024 Schedule: The 38 teams cricket event Ranji Trophy 2024 start date is 5 Feb 2024 with a total of 38 teams taking part in a more than two-month long cricket tournament till 14 March 2024. Know all the key details related to the tournament in this article.

About Ranji Trophy 2024

The 38 teams cricket event Ranji Trophy 2024 start date is 5 Feb 2024 with a total of 38 teams taking part in a more than two-month long cricket tournament till 14 March 2024. Know all the key details related to the tournament in this article.

India’s elite domestic tournament in red-ball Ranji Trophy is back tomorrow. The tournament starts on January 5. Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, Karnataka vs Punjab and Haryana vs Rajasthan are some of the top clashes taking place among others on first day of the tournament. Saurashtra are the current holders of the title. They play Jharkhand in their opening match this season as they look to defend the title.

What is Ranji Trophy?

The Ranji Trophy is the first class domestic cricket competition played every year between 38 teams (all the states and 4 union territories). All the states have 1 cricket team representing their state except Maharashtra and Gujarat who have three teams representing their state.

What is Elite and Plate categories in Ranji Trophy?

The Ranji Trophy is played in two divisions – Elite and Plate categories. In the Elite division, 32 teams take part with the other six teams play in the Plate division. These two divisions are created in the Ranji Trophy to ensure the quality of the cricket tournament doesn’t come down, the teams are playing for motivation of promotion and fear of relegation. And obviously to win the Ranji Trophy title.

The six teams in the Plate category have the chance to be promoted to the elite stage while the teams in the Elite category face relegation for poor show.

PromotionBihar and Manipur were the finalist of the Plate category in 2023 Ranji Trophy, they were promoted to the Elite category in 2024 Ranji Trophy replaced Nagaland and Hyderabad.
RelegationNagaland and Hyderabad of Elite category in previous edition is now part of the Plate category in 2024 Ranji Trophy for their poor show as they were the two teams with the lowest score points in the previous season.

Ranji Trophy 2024 Formats

The top two teams from each of the four groups in the Elite division will enter the quarterfinals after playing a total of seven games each whereas the two teams that will finish at the bottom of in each group will be relegated. On the other hand, the top four teams in the Plate competition will qualify for the knockouts and the finalists will be promoted to the Elite division in the next edition.

Ranji Trophy 2024 Teams

There are 38 teams in Ranji Trophy 2024. 32 teams in Elite Division and 6 teams in Plate Division.

Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Group E
1. Saurashtra
2. Jharkhand
3. Maharashtra
4. Rajasthan
5. Vidarbha
6. Haryana
7. Services
8. Manipur
9. Bengal
10. Andhra
11. Mumbai
12. Kerala
13. Chhattisgarh
14. Uttar Pradesh
15. Assam
16. Bihar
17. Karnataka
18. Punjab
19. Railways
20. Tamil Nadu
21. Goa
22. Gujarat
23. Tripura
24. Chandigarh
25. Madhya Pradesh
26. Uttarakhand
27. Himachal Pradesh
28. Baroda
29. Delhi
30. Odisha
31. Pondicherry
32. Jammu and Kashmir
33. Nagaland
34. Hyderabad
35. Meghalaya
36. Sikkim
37. Mizoram
38. Arunachal Pradesh

Explore the Ranji Trophy Squad 2024.

The winners of Ranji Trophy 2023 / defending champions Saurashtra has been placed in Group A alongside teams like Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Vidarbha, Haryana, Services, and Manipur whereas Bengal, who finished as the runners-up of 2023 Ranji Trophy in the previous edition have been placed in Group B along with the teams like Andhra, Mumbai, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, and Bihar.

Ranji Trophy 2024 Schedule and Fixtures

Elite Ranji Trophy 2024 Schedule

The Elite division comprises of 32 teams divided into 4 groups (A, B, C, D). Each group has 8 teams. Each team will play seven (7) matches in the group stage (league matches). That means a total of 112 matches will be played in the group stages. The top two teams of each group (total 8 teams) will enter the quarterfinals.

Ranji Trophy 2024 Venue

All the participating teams have their cricket stadium where the cricket match will be played once as part of their home match. 48 venues has been selected where the Elite teams of the Ranji Trophy will be played. Some of the states have multiple cricket grounds. The Elite final will be played from 10 March 2024.

The Plate cricket tournament will be contested at five venues. The Plate final will be played from 17 Feb 2024.

Ranji Trophy 2024 Winner

The winner of Ranji Trophy 2024 will be decided on the Ranji Trophy 2024 finals scheduled on 14 March 2024. The defending champion Saurashtra, winner of Ranji Trophy 2023 whether they will be able to defend their title is what we need to see.

Explore Ranji trophy winners list (post coming soon).

Ranji Trophy Live Streaming Details

Television Channel: The Sports18 Network will broadcast the Ranji Trophy 2024 live on TV. The latest season of the Ranji Trophy will be available to stream live on Jio Cinema app.

FAQ about Ranji Trophy 2024 Schedule

Ranji Trophy started in which year?

Ranji Trophy was started in 1938 before Independence. The 2024 Ranji Trophy will be the 89th edition.

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